Filtration Media

Filtration media are used to change the quality of water that is made to pass through it. Variety of Medias are available, like mechanical, biological and chemical. Specific types of media can be chosen to suit the optimum environment in water services.

Anthracite filter Coal

We offer this service to remove turbidity and SS from water that is formed by colloids. Because of high carbon content, it has high resistance to various chemicals and its high physical strength is used for industrial water purification.


Manganese dioxide when heated with Potassium Hydroxide forms the Potassium Permanganate that helps in indicating the oxidation of organic matter.

Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbon manufactured from raw materials like coconut shell, petroleum, coal, and wood serves the purpose of removing residual disinfectants and organic constituents in water supplies.

Treated Sand

Sand filter can be used to remove the remaining particles after the water is treated with filter coal and potassium permanganate. It can be flushed periodically to accumulate the discharge and dispose it into the sewer.


These filter beads are used to remove the excess minerals from the water like calcium and magnesium.


These iron filters are used to remove the excess amount of iron and manganese from water thus making it fit for consumption.

White Sand

Specialised sand available from Damodar district of Jharkhand is used to prepare sand filters to pass flocculated water and strain out the floc, thus removing most of the solids and reducing the numbers of bacteria.


Layer of gravel formed with pebbles is placed below the filter container so that the sand does not drain out along with the filtered water.


Chemically, inert, non-metallic, high-density granular filter media used for developing the lower strata of the dual media filter bed.

Filter Sand and Gravel

Provides the finest water filtration with no residue or particulates left in the pure water.


We also offer the granular manganese dioxide filter media which helps in reduction of the excess amount of iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from water.

Green Sand Plus

 Black, granular filter medium which removes iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide, arsenic and radium from water and used in pressure-type filtration system

Manganese Green Sand Filters

They control valve from automatic backwash and regeneration by removing excess iron, manganese and hydrogen sulphide from water.

KDF 55 & 85 KDF

They act as media guard and aid in removing bacteria, chlorine and algae from primary water and Industrial treatment.

Filter light or Filter Ag

Leads to better bed expansion to release the trapped sediment and rinse out the filter media during the backwash

Neutralizing media

Calcites or neutralized media are added to increase the water alkalinity which lessens the acidity of water caused

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