UV System

Ultraviolet or “UV” is that type of an energy which is found in the electromagnetic spectrum that lies between visible rays and x-rays. We are exposed to ultraviolet rays as soon as we step out in the sun but it is not visible to the naked eye.


Therefore, there are thousands of microorganisms (such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium) present in water which is not visible but is extremely hazardous for our health. UV System works on such organisms consistently and destroys almost 99.9% of them. It is an extremely quick process with no handling of added chemicals and is more effective on waterborne cysts than any other system. Energy consumption is low and once installed, it requires an annual service of lamp and sleeve majorly. UV System requires a periodic change of filter that protects the lamp and it only works when the water is clear. If it’s murky, pre-filter should be used so that UV rays can effectively reach the microorganisms without any blockage. It is environment friendly and it doesn’t change the taste and odour of the water as well as its by-products. The water is passed through the UV water-treatment system where the UV ways emitting from the lamp, attacks the microorganisms and destroys their DNA. Once, the DNA gets destroyed, the microorganisms are unable to reproduce or replicate and thus it cannot impact other organisms which comes in contact to them. This leads to the destruction of the microorganisms without any added chemicals. Although, the entire concept of UV is new to some people, this technique is used for decades by commercial water bottling plants and municipal water suppliers.

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