Spare Parts

At Gratisco Water Pvt Ltd, we provide various additional equipment that is required for providing the best water service. Our services include:

FRP Vessels

Pressure Vessels of 20-100L designed to hold liquids and gases at a pressure substantially different from the other ambient pressure. MS vessels are corrosion resistant and solve the purpose of various industrial applications.

Multiport Valves

We offer clients a vast range of MPV available in both smaller and medium sizes, made from water-resistant hard ceramic to provide longer service life and prevent leakage.

Electronic Dosing Pumps

We offer quality checked, rust-resistant, smoothly finished pumps with a flow rate of 0-3lph 8 bar. Finest quality components are used with contemporary techniques, such as a dual controller, pump foot valve, back pressure valve at a nominal price.

Chemical Dosing Tanks

Reliable and durable dosing tanks are available with an HPD-style hydraulically actuated diaphragm liquid end coupled to an eccentric drive for dosing out sewage, coagulants, and chlorinated products.

Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbon manufactured from raw materials like coconut shell, petroleum, coal, and wood for removing residual disinfectants and organic constituents in water supplies.

RO Membrane

We offer precision engineered and customized RO membrane at affordable prices for treating of desalination brackish water with TDS less than 8000mg/L & 5000mg/L.

Dosing Pump

We provide versatile and compatible dosing pumps that are easy to install, durable and lightweight with splash proof enclosure and auto-resetting fuse that can adjust frequency up to 400spm.

Micron Filter Cartridge

Made from the best quality fiber of polypropylene resin, ensures high-quality filtration stopping penetration of particles less than 0.5 microns even at a higher.

UV Disinfection System

High-quality filters destroy 99.9% microorganisms and waterborne cysts with no extra chemicals in a very short span of time.

Bag filters

With the size of semi-permeable pores between 1-200 microns, it can filter out a large amount of water through microfiltration. Made of epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel, it is used to treat liquid like milk products, paint, beer, and lime.

High-Pressure Pump

Ranging from power ratings up to 1000HP, can be resourceful for spraying, descaling, cleaning, pressure injections and transferring of fluids.

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