Reverse Osmosis System

Nowadays, Reverse Osmosis System is one of the best and a popular method of water filtration that is equipped in the water purifier. It improves the taste and colour of the water by eliminating contaminants (chlorine and chloramines, nitrates, arsenic and much more harmful pollutants) through its carbon filter thus keeping it odour-free.


We offer Reverse Osmosis System through two products-

Commercial RO System and Industrial RO System.


Commercial RO System

Best for offices and commercial establishments as it purifies tap/brackish water through its inbuilt TDS controller and dissolves impurities with the help of Double Purification of RO+UF. These purifiers employ double RO membrane and a high-pressure pump to facilitate a flow rate of 40 litres/hour and also comes with an additional storage tank of 8-20 litres to compensate during power-cuts.

Industrial RO System

Best for these small and large industries is automatic and easy to install or use. The filters are made from pure polypropylene fibres that are spun together to form a cartridge. They are not prone to bacterial attack and doesn’t impart colour/taste/odour when used within the recommended temperature limits. The key challenge faced by pharmaceutical industry is water reuse and therefore, the Pharmaceutical RO Plant passes the water through ‘cation’ and ‘anion’ exchanger with reverse osmosis system. It then travels to the Mix Bed Unit where production is allowed at <2 conductivity water. For further purification, it is passed through 1 and 0.2-micron filter cartridges and finally, through UV filtration it is preserved in Closed Loop Tank. The complete RO System uses stainless steel and FRP only with Pressure Switches, Pressure Gauges and Safety Features that are incorporated with Electric Control Panel.

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