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What is Gratisco

Gratisco Water Division is a Highly Specialized Desalination, Water Treatment Process Engineering and Contracting Company, dedicated to provide solutions for Multimedia Filtration, Reverse Osmosis (RO) De-Mineralized Plant, Swimming Pool Filtration System, Cooling Tower and Boiler Water Treatment. Gratisco's foundation is based on In-Depth theoretical know-how with the vast experience of Process Contracting in the entire North East India from the last four Years. From Conceptual Designing to the process of commissioning, Gratisco provides innovative turnkey solutions to all the parts of the industry. Gratisco brings into its business the most qualified and experienced personnel to handle the complex nature of Water Management Projects, thus assuring every project to be satisfactory on completion within time and budget.

Company History

Gratisco's Timeline


Company Started

Gratisco first started its journey in 2012 with a team of 2 members.

Acquired First 100 Clients


Completed Several Government Projects

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